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All About Grandmas

Illustrated by Janice Nadeau 
Dial/Putnum Publishing Group
Grades pre-k-2

"They come in different shapes and sizes.
Silly ones wear disguises. . . .
And if you need to know more,
about whom they adore,
look in their eyes . . ."
     With personalities as various as their shapes, today's grandmas are not the staid, stereotypical grandmothers of the past. Many continue their work out in the world, while others--retired, are still active and full of surprises. They are a diverse and lively group!
    All About Grandmas is a playful primer on grandmas as seen through the eyes of their loving grandchildren. It is a romping, up-to-date celebration of the special relationship that exists between today's loving grandchildren and their adoring grandmothers. Whatever their cultural origin, whether we call them "Abuela," "Oma," "Jaddah," "Nonna" or "Nanna"--grandmas are, quite simply, the best! Read all about them--with someone you love. . .
(Includes a glossary of "How to Say Grandma Around the World.")

"Warm and inclusive . . . this will appeal to youngsters who have a sweet spot for their grans." - School Library Journal

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