Author Visits

To arrange for Roni Schotter to visit your school you can email Roni directly. Here is what Roni says about her school visits:


     “I enjoy writing for children and  love sharing my books with them.  I speak to children as fellow writers.  I try to demystify the writing process by explaining how my ideas come from everyday events, from feelings and fears, from the wonder I feel at the world.  I try to empower children, to help them recognize the events and ideas in their lives so that they can use them for their stories.  I show them my notebooks--the mess I make when I write, how I change my mind constantly, how I cross out and rewrite.  I want to emphasize that grownups who write books are no different than they are.  We struggle and change our words too.  We don’t write perfectly the first time!   I encourage children to tell their own stories without fear of failure.  I emphasize the importance and pleasure of adding detail, action, metaphor and more to their own writing.  In addition, I show the whole process of writing a book--from daydreaming to notebooks, to bigger notebooks, to sketches from the artists who illustrate my books, to printed sheet right off the press, to folded & gathered sheets, to binding and, finally, bound books.  To me, the whole process is magical.  I try to communicate that feeling of magic to children.  I love books.  I love writing.  I love children.  I communicate that enthusiasm to the children with whom I speak.  My goal is, that after I leave, students will want to work on their own stories.”


What is the length and content of my Author Visit Program?
45-60 minute presentations, except for kindergarten which is usually shorter.  Content is as above, except for kindergarten which is far simpler, with each presentation tailored to a particular grade depending on which particular books of mine they have read in advance of my visit.  I show objects which have inspired me.  With 2nd grade up, I also do a couple of exercises with the children to show them how they can use similes and metaphors in their writing, as I do in mine.  I leave the last 10-15 minutes of each presentation for questions and for whatever children want to tell me about their writing or love of books.  I do up to 3 presentations a day, plus signing, meeting and chatting with teachers, students, etc.

What do I need?
As intimate a space as possible, preferably the library.  Because I bring many things with me to show to the children, I need to stay in one place and have the children come to me, rather than move from classroom to classroom.  I need a large table--large enough to display all my books and to rest the things I want to show the children.  I would love a glass of water or a cup of tea.  If I’m speaking to a large group--over 75--I need a lapel microphone (I move around a lot).  I prefer not to speak on a stage or platform.  (I don’t like to be separated from the children).