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He liked feeling full of gas! His rear end loaded with bundles, bales, and bins—sputter-sput-sput—Little Green was ready. Ready to rumble down the road. He was set. Set for adventure. Go!”

Go, Little Green Truck!

Illustrated by Julia Kuo
Farrar, Straus & Giroux/Macmillan  
Grades pre-k – 2

“Proud as a pick-up can be,” Little Green Truck loves helping out on the farm, until the day Farmer Gray shows up with Big Blue, a brand-new truck!  What will happen to Little Green?  Fortunately, Fern--the farmer’s daughter--has a timely idea for a new job for Little Green.  After love, care and paint, Little Green is ready again to rumble--all the way to the Farmers’ Market, where he soon becomes a star! Go, Little Green Truck!

“Filled with colorful artwork and expressive details, {this story} will delight readers of all generations. Little Green introduces children to seasonal produce and farm vocabulary, as well as eco-friendly concepts like alternative fuel sources and the benefits of buying local farm produce. VERDICT:  Little Green is sure to be a favorite of farmers market fans.”  
School Library Journal

“[In} this reassuring story, Schotter and Kuo . . . lightly introduce ideas like buying local, being environmentally conscious, and finding creative ways to recycle what one already has.” 
Publishers Weekly

“A little green truck is the farm’s best work truck, until he is replaced by a bigger and better model.  Luckily, the farmer’s daughter, Fern, has a brilliant plot to revive Little Green.  Fueled with biodiesel, [Little Green soon] does his part to support sustainable agriculture.  Kuo’s lush, folk-art meadows roll across the pages to round out the farm . . . A nostalgic, yet trendy feel . . . A familiar trope with a subtle, ecological twist.”
Kirkus Reviews

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