The Boy Who Loved Words

Illustrated by Giselle Potter. 
Schwartz & Wade Books/Random House. Grades 2-5

  • Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner

Words. Selig loves everything about them--the way they taste on his tongue (tantalizing!), the sound they whisper in his ears (tintinnabulating!), and--most of all--the way they stir his heart (MAMA!).  He collects them voraciously , the way others collect stamps or seashells.
    But what to do with so many luscious words?  Surrounded by doubters, Selig journeys forth and discovers that there is always someone--a poet, a baker, maybe even YOU--searching for the perfect word . . . a word that he can provide.
     This enchanting tall tale -- chockablock with whimsical illustrations--celebrates language, the gift and gusto of words and one boy's larger-than-life passion to share them. A book that will invite young readers to discover and collect their own favorite words and use them!

"Quotables . . ."

You too may find yourself lucky if, one day, while you are thinking or writing or simply speaking, the perfect word just seems to come to you. If so, you’ll know, that Selig is near.

Schotter blends magical realism with a tongue-tingling narrative to create an ode to the power and purpose of language.  An inspiring choice for wordsmiths and anyone who cherishes the variety and vitality of language.” -  *Starred Review, School Library Journal

"A charmingly prolix tall tale.  An 'exultant encounter, chockablock with tintinnabulating gusto.  A gift to precocious children and teachers as well.  (See tantalizing glossary appended.)" - *Starred Review, Kirkus Reviews

"How do you spell enthusiasm?  Selig, a boy driven by his desire to collect words, surely knows the answer in this quirkily inspirational picture book." - Publishers Weekly 

"A lovely celebration of the power and the music of language.
- Michael Cart, Booklist

"The glossary . . . is a star character.  Unusual words like aflutter, jibber-jabber, rhapsody . . . are defined on the endpapers.  The story offers a good message about children who appear different but have much to offer..." - Karen Leggett, Children's Literature

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